Monday, April 20, 2009

Cathy did it!

Someone sent my real profile photo to Fr. Eric.


  1. Terry, I always imagined that you were Zac Efron beautiful, but you far surpass even that. Don't be so modest; post your real photo!

  2. I hope your lazy eye doesn't interfere too much with your driving.

    And comb your hair, why doncha?


  3. Oh, Terry, if I weren't married, I'd ask you to the prom!

  4. Well, Ter, no one is looking at your fat neck in that shot!

  5. Digit - and I would go. (I just realized that rhymes with Gidget. I could be Moondoggie.

    Thom - I do look like Zac.

    Larry - I do have a lazy eye.

    Cath - see, that's why I never meet you and Ray becaause you make fun of my fat neck.

  6. Ter - better than my lazy faith...


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