Tuesday, April 21, 2009

27th of Nissan

Yom Hashoah



It happened. Gypsies, Poles, Communists, Catholics, homosexuals, the disabled, the elderly, and European Jews. Most of these were brutally imprisoned in slave labor camps, and millions were put to death. Yet the Jews were the largest, single group to be deliberately and systematically exterminated, suffering through a most vile, dehumanizing propaganda campaign culminating in the murder of 6 million persons of Jewish descent - entire families were completely annihilated.
O God, do not keep silent,
do not be dumb and unmoved, O God,
for your enemies raise a tumult.
Those who hate you lift up their heads.
They plot against your people,
conspire against those you love.
They say: 'Come, let us destroy them as a nation;
let the name of Israel be forgotten.'
They conspire with a single mind,
they make common alliance against you... - Psalm 82
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  1. Terry - very difficult and disturbing picture to view ...
    I just wish some would really learn from that experience in history ... Bishop Finn in his address highlights the lesson has yet to be learned ...

  2. I know, it is extremely disturbing.


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