"Are we prepared to promote conditions in which the living contact with God can be reestablished? For our lives today have become godless to the point of complete vacuity. God is no longer with us in the conscious sense of the word. He is denied, ignored, excluded from every claim to have a part in our daily life." - Alfred Delp, S.J.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hate crime legislation and gays.

The activists.
I have been deliberately trying to not write about gay issues so as not to offend some of my readers who disagree with me on Roman Catholic Church teaching on the subject. But I have to tell you, I go to Pewsitters for a lot of my stories, and that website is filled with news articles concerning gay culture, gay militants and their very real agenda. The stories are all about gay marriage, hate crime legislation, and so on. It is getting completely ridiculous. Talk about attention grabbing narcissists - it looks as if gay activists are hogging the media, and people are falling for their poor me act.
A day or two ago, on another post mentioning Perez Hilton, I received a few comments regarding the "it's all about me" syndrome many gay men, and lesbians indulge in. "Just Jack" on Will and Grace exemplified the problem brilliantly, as did Rosie O'Donnell's real-life crash and burn on The View. As Barbara Walters described it in her book, "Rosie wasn't content with riding along - she had to drive the bus." When she didn't get her way, she raged and threw tantrums. That type of adolescent behavior isn't simply narcissism, it is also a tactic of control and manipulation.
Protesting gay militants continually cry victim in an attempt to play the discrimination (just like race) card. I'm convinced that comparing the gay rights struggle with the civil rights struggle of the 20th century is simply way over the top sensationalism. It is complete exaggeration and hype. (Gays have the same protection of the law ordinary American citizens enjoy - they just can't get married - because marriage is between a man and a woman.) I believe that proposed hate crime legislation, which is most likely inevitable, is fundamentally an effort to silence Christian moral teaching in that regard.
Hate Crimes Act of 2009
The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Act of 2009, currently before the House Judiciary Committee, is expected to come up for a vote before the House of Representatives later this spring. This proposed law gives federal officials greater authority to engage in hate crime investigations at the local and state level. It also removes the current prerequisite that the victim be engaging in a federally protected activity like voting or going to school. In other words, it opens the door for federal law enforcement officials (whether it be agents from the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and so on) to crack down on undesirable behavior wherever it occurs. - Source - the entire article is very informative.
As a culture, it seems to me the homosexual movement mirrors many of the traits often associated with the same-sex-attracted personality. For instance, arrested development - remaining emotionally adolescent, alternating with adult behavior when needed. As Van Den Aardweg notes, "...an especially common view of self (for the homosexual) is that of the wronged, rejected, 'poor me'. Homosexuals are therefore easily insulted; they 'collect injustice', as psychiatrist Berger has so well put it, and are liable to see themselves as victims. This explains the overt self-dramatization of the militants, who adroitly exploit their neurosis to gain public support. Attached to self-pity, they are inner (or manifest) complainers, often chronic complainers. Self pity and protest are not far apart. A certain inner (or overt) rebelliousness and hostility to others who do them wrong and to 'society' and a determinate cynicism, are typical of many homosexuals." - The Battle For Normality


There you go.
Photo: Folsom St. Fair, San Francisco. The smiling slave is totally naked - the civil rights schtick for these guys appears to be a joke.


  1. Terry, as a gay Catholic man I always appreciate the way you (unlike many other bloggers and non-bloggers) differentiate bewteen gay and gay ACTIVISTS. Living in San Francisco I know that the public perception around the country of gays is conditioned by those in MINORITY who have big MOUTHS and declare that they speak for ALL gays.

    Even in Sin City (uggh..why does SF get this name when it can be applied to ALL places?)there are gays who do NOT want the legal right to marry or adopt and for the same reasons you give. There are gays who do NOT want everyone to be coerced into forced proclamation that their sexual orientation is as "normal" as the majority of the human race. And yes there are gays who BELIEVE, who WORSHIP, who PRAY, who FAST, who DO GOOD WORKS...imagine that!!!

    Gross generalizations do good to no one. Period. If we want to preserve marriage and family life 9which I hope we all do!) then itsn't it better to focus our ecclesial and personal energies on the VAST majority of str8 people who are conracepting, co-habitating, aborting, committing adultery...than on 2-5% (depending on whose figures you accept) who are gay? I guess its just WAY easier for most in the Church to condemn the minority and leave their socially status quo realtives, children, siblings, neighbors and wealthy-donating parishioners alone.

    Ah Jesus thank you for including gays in those blessed 5 words so dear to Mother Teresa in responding to your call to charity: "You did it to ME."

  2. Thank you, David, for finding the words that I could not.

  3. David - no doubt the issues you have raised are very important. The difference is the contracepting, co-habitating,and adulterers are not pressing for "special rights".

    I purposely left out the abortion afficionadoes because they use the same heavy handed tactics as gay activists.

    You can't make something "right" by bringing up other "wrong" things. Wrong is wrong.

    Hate crime legislation is nothing more than an attempt to silence people of faith.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJJF7d2gatc&feature=player_embedded

  5. Thom, the link doesn't work so I do not know if it is okay to post.

  6. David - I will also add to Adrienne's comments that those that "do not" who fail to do raise their voices against the strong armed tactics of their brothers/sisters engaging in it, then are also giving it support.

    Adrienne is right regarding the pushing of "special rights" as well as active engagement to force children to be exposed to perverted sex education courses.

    And the lessons the younger generation has learned is fruiting in the head-lines. Below is the latest:

    Young adults 'don't want to be defined by gender, orientation' - USATODAY.com
    Young adults 'don't want to be defined by gender, orientation'

    These activities are wrong and I welcome all individuals with ss-attraction who also feel it's wrong to become more visible in renouncing it. I know a few have, but in my humble opinion, not enough.

  7. David2:18 PM


    I know what you mean but try telling Hilary et al that contracpetion is not to be indluded in the protected reproductive rights for women. Try telling the civic housing boards that co-habitating couples sre not a protected group with rights for rent or leasing.

    I'll give you the adulterers...but the point still stands. If the Church and individuals within it seek the protection and/or renewal of marriage go to where marriage and family happen: the stright couples who even when self-identified as Catholic cannot be distinquished from any others in society by their (im)morality.


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