Monday, March 02, 2009

Where are they now?

One of my e-friends entered a monastery and then left. I wonder what happened to him? People are never the same after they leave - I assure you.
J-J, where are you?


  1. Terry, Did you notice that during your computer break down/absence that Jackie Parkes (catholic mom of 10) stopped blogging?
    I miss her blog.

  2. I was never the too? Not that that's a BAD thing....

  3. I did notice and I emailed her. She sends me a link to something on youtube every so often. I'm rather attached to her in prayer.

  4. Ter: Thanks for the reminder. I need to pray for J.

  5. Cath - I have actually heard from him a couple of times - he doesn't have access to blogs and stuff at work, and no internet at home.

    He is doing very well and is still seeking, preparing. All on the up and up - I just couldn't resist this photo.

  6. David - yes - it was life changing - for the good.

  7. Master Nelson, you are cracking me up! Yes, I DID know just where to find the boys & the booze; which is why I had to leave the monastery! And all those filthy water rings on the furniture and the stains on the carpets and the wrappers in the cabins in the woods and ... well ... let's just leave well enough alone.




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