Friday, March 06, 2009

First Friday

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, "clean the stains of my soul and give me tears of penance, loving tears out of love, tears of salvation, tears that cleanse the darkness of my mind, making me light so that I may see you, Light of the world, enlightenment to my repentant eyes." - St. Simeon the New Theologian


  1. Ok has anyone ever seen a picture of the Sacred Heart that has Jesus' lookly manly? You know, the kind of Jesus that guys would relate to and young guys want to emulate. I know that its Jesus' heart and virtues we should emulate in venerating his sacred humanity...but hey first impressions DO count.

    I love the Sacred Heart devotion. It means so much to me and gives me so much motivation in my spiritual life. I know that the Divine Mercy is all the rage now (and hey I like that too, honest, even have a framed pic in my home) BUT there's just something about the spirituality and devotion to the Heart of Christ that does something for me. you have a Sacred Heart you have painted? I bet you would do it proud. Ah if only I was a filthy rich renaissance patron of the would never be without a commission.

  2. David - I have never painted Christ with His Sacred Heart. I have difficulty with most images of the risen Jesus - except the Divine Mercy image, but I only look at the lightwhile praying befor it in church.

    Otherwise the only image that attracts me is of His Holy Face, and those bloodied Spanish images of the scourged Christ. And of course, all of his baby pictures.


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