Sunday, March 01, 2009

Apparently another little snag with the SSPX reunion... you don't say.

SSPX will not accept Vatican II.
Doh! That was pretty much the point of the schism in the first place - no matter what kind of spin their defenders want to put on it.
The Society of Saint Pius X whose ultratraditionalist bishops were recently rehabilitated by Pope Benedict XVI will not accept the reforms introduced by the Second Vatican Council, the head of the order has told a Swiss paper. - Source
Yet the majority of the World's Roman Catholics accept the reforms of Vatican II.


  1. Actually, no the reforms of Vatican II HAVEN'T been accepted. What we see today is NOT from Vatican's from a misreading of Vatican II and putting things there that don't belong.

    I'd be with the SSPX on that...and have to ask...did they actually READ THE DOCUMENTS? The documents EMPHASIZE what has always been true! Sacrosanctum Concilium ALLOWED for the vernacular but didn't force it, and stated clearly that Latin was to remain!


  2. Actually Archbishop L was at the Council, and the people in the SSPX probably know the documents better than we do.

    Latin remained - few priests used it, fewer were trained in it.

    Their issues are so much more than Latin - one huge problem for them is ecumenism - that is where it really hits the fan. The liberation of the TLM is insignificant in comparison. As you say Adoro - few Council Fathers expected what happened to the liturgy to happen.

  3. Anonymous8:01 PM

    I wonder if SSPX will ever be satisfied -- and BXVI has practically bent over backwards reaching out to them (I know, mixed metaphor and all that)... God forbid they should make it easier for him. Not feeling very charitable toward them at the moment...

  4. Triumphalism should never be confused with Orthodox Christianity.

    If Jesus hadn't rose, he'd be rolling....

  5. If you visit my blog at then perhaps you will learn why Archbishop Lefebvre and the SSPX have been right all along about the errors of Vatican II and much more. If you don't do your homework - you will surely be deceived. As Christ warned us - there will be wolves in sheep's clothing!


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