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Saturday, March 21, 2009

St. Agnes, St. Paul, Minnesota

The sanctuary of the Church of St. Agnes.
I still think the statues of St. Peter and Paul are much too over-scale for the church - they seem ostentatious. I think the parish ought to donate them to the Cathedral of St. Paul. I'm probably alone in this opinion. I never liked the use of onyx at the base of the columns either.
Nevertheless, it is a beautiful little church. Visit here for more photos.


  1. I'll sign that petition to move those gargantuan statues to a place where the proportions would be more appropriate.

  2. michael r.7:00 AM

    Beautiful photos! Peter and Paul do loom large over the Church. I think the main altar looks a little small. I also noticed the altar rail. Is is used? How/where is Communion distributed?

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    Dear Terry,

    Monsignor Schuler was so very proud of these two statues when they came in. My oldest daughter received her first holy communion when the two statues had just been delievered to the church. Father Schuler spoke to the children about statues at the First Communion Mass. We have photos of all of us standing around the two statues. How time flys!


  4. Terry,

    Saint Thomas Aquinas tells us the importance and role of proportion in portrayal of beauty. It is apparent from the photos of the Jubilee that this church once had good proportions but they were lost in modernist stripping of the chancel.
    When things become this disproportionate, they tend to distract us more than bring us to proper attention. Somewhere there is a church that could accommodate these two statues.Hopefully they will find their proper home and be replaced with others more in harmony with the church.
    But keep the faith! The mere fact that we can have this conversation is a sign that issues concerning devotional art are getting better!

    pax et bonum,
    Anthony Visco

  5. I've grown accustomed to them but I remember when I first saw them: Oh my!

  6. I love St. Agnes but agree those statues look weird!

  7. Thanks everyone.

    Michael, yes, the rail is used - everyone kneels, a cloth is even thrown over the rail, but people do not use it.

    Katie, yes, Monsignor was rightly proud of the statues - they are magnificent.

  8. Leave em be. Peter and Paul are the two giants of the infant church ya know.

  9. Dymphna - that works.

  10. Make sure not to confuse the distinction between "ornamental" (Catholic) with "gaudy" (e.g. Hindu temples)... pace India.

  11. I didn't say it was gaudy.

  12. I used to attend St. Agnes with my parents when I was younger. Those statues are new. I don't remember them being there when my family went to Mass there. What year were they added?


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