Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The sin of Ham

What a story.
Imagine naming your son Ham - may as well call him Pig - I actually kind of like Pig better. Anyway, my friend Angela (pronounced in the United States: 'angle-ah'), who lives someplace in the Canadian wilderness, is reading the Bible and was perplexed by the sin of Ham as recorded in the book of Genesis. I added my two cents, attempting to explain what I thought the big deal was when he pulled his dad's pants down, but I held back a little. Why? Because I am going to paint it - the sin of Ham that is. I see it in my head - it so has to be painted. I can't show it here when it is finished because it will involve nudity - so I will have to re-open "Up Your Street" as my real art blog. I can show it there.


  1. The sin of Ham?

    In New York, it's pairing it with mayo on white bread . . .

  2. I thought men in those days wore tunics instead of pants....

    Anyway - I can't wait to see what you paint!!!

    Love, ANGLE-ah

  3. David9:39 AM

    So your painting with show Ham with eggs huh? We will have a link to it?

  4. The sin of Ham is disturbing. I would rather contemplate happier things. Like - ANYTHING else.

    I found something for you. I just stopped by to share. Jesus says's to share ya know. :)

  5. oops - here it is-->

  6. I have been thinking about Ham, and I thought well geese if his mother would have treated him with a little more respect maybe then maybe he wouldn't have turned out so badly. "Compassion first" Terry.

    I found this video of his Ham's Dear sweet Mother calling for him. Is it any wonder why he was so angry?
    Besides his Father would say things like "God talks to me." How healthy could this family have been? ;)

  7. "So your painting with show Ham with eggs huh? We will have a link to it?"

    What kind of links? Pork sausage to go with the ham?

  8. David - I just got Ham and eggs. LOL!

  9. David9:34 AM

    Geeze..took you long enough! PAX


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