Thursday, January 08, 2009

Random thoughts on the economy and stuff.

The Global Agenda.
I have trouble sleeping at night - it isn't my conscience keeping me awake, nor worries about the economy, it has more to do with some health problems. But that isn't my point here. I noticed during the night a neighbor's van being towed away - shortly after midnight. Why do you think that was? He couldn't afford his car payments any longer and the van was repossessed. I wonder when the house will be repossessed?
I said it would happen, and it did today - Macy's announced the closing of nine of their stores - one of them in a north Minneapolis suburb. The Brookdale store has always been a D-list store anyway - meaning, it wasn't a huge money maker, and companies never spent much money renovating the complex, much less stocking it with anything fashionable or high end. Anyway, they are closing, and more store closings are sure to follow.
Repossessing homes and cars, stores closing, people losing their investments and social security - perhaps these are simply metaphors for the "change" that has been promised...
Of course everyone knows the economy is bad and getting worse and worse, as Obama keeps repeating. So the solution is to "spend" their way out of it by printing more money and bailing the banking and investment industries out. Sorry - they won't pay your credit bills or forgive your debts however. But will that even matter?
Isn't printing more money just leading to greater debt? Isn't printing more money what deflates the value of the dollar and leads to skyrocketing inflation? What is really going on? Gorbachev, Sarkozy, Merkel, and Tony Blair? - Yeah, they are all calling for a new world order, a new global economy, a new global capitalism, a new international agenda - and why is Obama supposed to be the leader?


Something is going on... I have a hunch the economic crises wasn't really an accident.


  1. You have no idea of how correct you are....

  2. AGREED ... the futurist globalist and wisdom culture all have been talking dissolving sovereignties. That these made mad borers are out dated ... making money of sovereignties worthless kinda helps ...

    ... also makes the public more willing to accept a "savior" ... and drastic change

  3. .... sorry ... man made borders... there we go

  4. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Obama is going too heralded it all in.. the stage is set.. even 9/11 was part of the agenda sad to has taken them many years of planning...they have divided the family in every way, flooded the world, especially the west with drugs and weakened the young, - the Catholic church is unforntately is in time of turmoil - that was especially part of the agenda - there are conflicts all over the world - so it no accident that Barack Obama appears on the world stage.
    Nevertheless - God is still in charge - and He is almighty!!!


  5. If they can totally collapse the ecomony then we will take the chip, and we will be under complete control. I think that they are going to need a nuke or a dirty bomb - something really big so that when the Govn't says's that people who are chipped will be safe ,and happy , then people will be willing to do it. It requires a minor surgery to insert a chip, and people are not going to run to have that done, so something will have to push them. Maybe hungry bellies or the fear of having their children taken away? - We're gonna need food right?
    This economy manulipation looks like it's being done on purpose. Even a math whiz like me knows that the solution is not just to print more money. When Germany tanked- the first time, that was their solution" Just print more!" , and then when people needed to buy a loaf of bread it would take a wheel barrow of cash, and that was before they embraced Hitler.
    When I use to say this stuff many years ago I felt like I was crazy to even believe such non- sense, but now it doesn't sound crazy at all, and say you wont take that chip, they have a place for you too.
    Now pass me a drink, and let's pray real hard for what's about to happen in the very near future. I wrap my Rosary around this every day.

  6. conspiracy?

    couldn't be ... could it?

    private jets crisscrossing the globe

    opus dei involved?

    to what end?

    movie rights?

  7. I haven't heard the phrase "free enterprise system" for over six months.

    It no longer is the mantra of big business.

    I doubt that one person in control of the large corporations and financial institutions ever dreamed that the word trillion would roll off his mouth as easily as Porsche or Bugatti.

    All the big busineses are lined up at the government trough, asking for trillions more. And when they get it, the banks aren't increasing credit. They are buying up other banks. Watch General Motors and Ford do the same.

    I sense that the big corporations really don't mind devaluation or inflation because they know that after a time, they will still be on top, in far more control than they have been to date.

    We're lurching backwards into an era similar to that of the times when companies and wealth joined up with governments in enterprises such as the Dutch East India Company, the British East India Company, the Canadian (British and French) Hudson's Bay Company, the Dutch, British and French West Indies companies, etc.

    Ultimately in the 21st century, globalization and international trade will make all of the nation states subservient to the banks, financial institutions and multi-national corporations.

    If a nation doesn't cooperate, it's economy will be ruined by those nations (and companies) that do cooperate.

  8. Ter: I'm less inclined to think global conspiracy as global idiocy led by sins: greed and selfishness.

    There are also people getting up and just leaving their homes-walking away-because they can't afford it anymore and they have no equity left (owe more than house is worth).

    I think another Great Depression is looming. Only, this time, I'm not sure that a war would pull us out like WWII. This generation is far from great-too much selfishness.

    Look to heaven. I'm not sure earth as many prospects.

  9. Cathy of Alex - Amen to much of what you state, especially the "global idiocy led by..."

    As far as conspiracies, there are many like-minded folks who are jogging for position that will offer a platform for their cosmic world view to dominate.

    My favorite of these folks are those warming the sits at Kosmos:

    "Creating the New Civilization Initiative"
    Fear not they have all the worlds problems solved ...

    And then these folks:

    The emerging "Wisdom Culture" will be interesting to see emerge ...

    And, Uncle Jim ... "movie rights?" I am sure hollywood has the screen play already ...

  10. Chip? All the government needs to control the poplulation is the z cam with live chat. I got pulled in to watching it last night. The teens were watching season 4 of 24, the terrorists were about to take over, and they kept asking why I wasn't watching: it's the z cam, I said.
    I felt like a character in David Foster Wallace's-- Infinite Jest.

  11. LeoRufus6:10 AM

    Happy New Year, Terry. Gasoline oscillating from 4.50 to 1.50 in a span of 4 months suggests manipulation. Gold prices have dropped too. And how about that Bernie did he get away with a 50 billion ponzi scheme for so long?

    The myth "study hard, get your diploma, apply yourself, work hard and you will succeed" just a myth. The innards of the system are corrupt - it is all about power, money and greed. Just how do the Kennedys maintain such political control - look what they have done to the Church in Boston and the State of Massachusetts; ground zero for "The Scandal", home to gay marriage, and one of the states with the highest population of Catholics. Look at your own state, another one among the highest population of Catholics and now you have Al Franken as a Senator after a corrupt recount?

    Surely the Catholics have lost their savor and I am afraid of what is coming next - kick to the curb for most of us. Lukewarm = Spew.

  12. Where did you find that pic?

  13. Rhaps - can't remember where I found it - I used it before during the campaign.


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