Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And here is one of my other buddies...

His name is Steve. He is a barber - or men's hair stylist. He went to Barber college! We have been friends for years. He likes my other new friends really a lot... you know, the ones I introduced you to before, Mack (my fishing buddy) and Jack (my cool dude buddy). They went to college too. They're all real smart and popular with the chicks - but they are saving themselves for marriage. Steve is Catholic too. He went to World Youth Day with the youth group he chaperones from Church. He likes to dance too. All of my friends are so much fun!


  1. Say, Terry, your not still playing with these, are you? What happened to all the G.I.Joes I sent you?


  2. I haven't introduced those guys yet.

  3. I think the End Times are coming...

  4. Steve seems like a cool guy, but I get the feeling that he dances like Elaine on Seinfeld.


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