Friday, September 19, 2008

Blog closings...

Admitting we are powerless over the blog.
Lately, many bloggers have decided to stop blogging - closing shop so to speak. I decided I would too - but I kept blogging. So did the others. Isn't that funny? Maybe I'll form a group - B.A. - Blogger's Anonymous. But most people blog anonymously - I mean, how many really reveal who they really are, huh? Not so many.
Well all that is going to change - I'm in treatment for blog addiction and from this post on, this blog is going to be brutally honest!
"Hi! My name is Ken and I'm addicted to blogging!" ("Like my outfit?")
"Hi Ken!"
Cathy is still blogging! Here is the deal folks - people say they are going to quit to get more hits, then they keep blogging hoping other people really will quit - then they will dominate blogdom. They are sick, sick people, and she has Tom and Vincenzo wrapped around her little finger.


  1. It's all true!

    No, I don't like your outfit, er, what did you say your name was this week, honey?

  2. I have tried to stop blogging at least 3 times. I use to make fun of women with lots of cats, and people that spent too much time on their computers. I have become both, within the last 4 months.

    I am embarrassed about how much I bother you.... all of you. Seriously. I can't seem to help myself.
    You kind people fake like you listen to me. My kids don't. You probably like me better than they do too, and I don't have to watch you roll your eyes back at me.

    When I do get back talk from some of you, you can go and sit on your own naughty mats at your place. Heck take a friend with you ,what do I care.
    I know it's all fake though, but some people really get wrapped up into "Soaps" ,and "Sports" ,and that's fake too. So I say "so what". My eldest 3 kids have yelled at me about blogging.
    The problem is that I don't lie when I blog, I couldn't stand the guilt. Someone ,somewhere will have access to too much information about me , and it will come back to bite me on the ass. He's my brother ,and he's big.

    My feed back score on E-Bay is way better than what my family would give me too.

    I have been wondering what happens to blogs , and facebook profiles when the person dies? There's your next million dollar idea Terry, "dead-end blogs", "blog tributes", more extensive than "Obits" which could enclude photos,and thoughts from ,youth to the grave. Maybe you could include dental records for extra proof of the persons life.
    Fun ,snarky remarks from family ,and friends would pull it all together.

    I hate laugh tracks, so I won't use the smiley faces anymore. I am not going to tell you when to laugh at, or with me , use your own judgement. You try to figure out when I am kidding , that will be more fun for me.

  3. I slowed way down with my postings when I had a problem with my computer - altho I was never busy anyway...

    Alot of people deleted me from their blogrolls as a result - I can post now, only now I do it once in a while...

    Catholic Answers Forums is where I'm usually at now - but I'll always love my blogging sweethearts! :)

  4. Terry, my Barbie and Midge like your Ken pictures. My parents wouldn't buy me Ken and his friend (I forget his name) so they had to go out with my brothers' GI Joes. Which was okay until they got in a Jeep wreck and Midge had to have surgery to save her life. Joe got charged with DWI and Midge broke up with him. She became a compulsive cat lady (probably from head trauma).

  5. Melody - that is funny.


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