Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good news!

This is so cool!
My best friend Jack just got a job with the diocese as a model for the Virtus training program (sex-ed). He will be teaching parts of it - demonstrating the good touch bad touch stuff.


  1. Hey Jack, it wasn't a sex-ed class. It had nothing to do with sanctioned marital sex. Nor was it discussed in terms of God's holy intention for marriage.
    This class was disturbing, and heartbreaking. We watched child molesters (rapest's) try to explain why ,and how they did the things that they had done. (poor men, they just couldn't help themselves),and how "I" as a lunchroom lady need to not let this happen, at least while I am around the kids. Duh.
    Now tell me why Father still gives rides to Alter boys/girls, hasn't he seen the virtus movie?
    Given that 1 in 3 girls are raped or molested, and 1 in 4 boys I was stunned at the ignorance of the crowd.
    People would say the STUPIDEST stuff. When someone in the crowd took pity on the poor child molester saying that he too had been molested, then you could imagine that I had some course words in front of a few dozen people. My social anxiety fell by the way side I was livid.
    I can't believe that more of this kinda crap doesn't go on considering the kind of people that Moms, and Dads are willing to leave their children with, relatives included.
    I watched the Virtus movie for 3-4 minutes ,and left to weep at the adoration chapel.

    Parents, I ask you - Just what kind of person would you let borrow your expensive car? Would you let me ,a stranger borrow some of your jewelery?

    Parents do you watch porn , or dirty movies with your child ,or where your child can see, or hear it?
    People do this ,I know it.
    When my daughter was little I watched the very popular movie "body heat" with Kathleen Turner. At the time I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. I figured ,I am over 18 I am not hurting anybody, and I can do whatever I want to.
    Now my daughter is in L.A. preparing to make movies. My sin could be passed onto millions.

    Sometimes when I reflect upon my sins they knock me over like a wave of grief.

    BTW how am I supposed to comfort a kindergarden boy when he puts his head on the lunch table,and sobs ,because he misses his mom?
    I am not supposed to touch him. I just rubbed his head like a budda statue. I was told to let him cry. B.S. no freaking way. The wrong people are going to the school counselors office let's start with some adults.

  2. Darn, I just completed the Virtus program this summer. Maybe I can take it again when it includes Jack. Please keep us posted!

  3. Terry, tell your friend "Jack" I saw his girlfriend, "Barbie", hanging out with some guy named "Ken" at a Toys "R" Us this afternoon.

    They had miniature furniture with them as they walked out.

    Sorry. I couldn't resist:0)


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