Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bunny Rabbit Christmas: The perfect wreath.

Isn't this so cool. Rabbits love sprouts.
And I love home-made things for Christmas. I found this wreath on a great blog, "House Martin". The lady of the house links to the source for this wreath in her post, "sprouty".


  1. Yeah , Martha will "wreath up" just about anything- Berries, pinecones, ornaments,twigs,candy, fruit, now veggies- seriously ANYTHING. It's just as well about the veggies, the kids don't eat them anyway ,but the bunnies have to jump really high to reach the door.
    Actually my children like this vegetable, smothered in cheese. I tell them that they are little lettuces no different than say - a salad smothered in cheese. They actually bought that.
    I will be producing a wreath myself tomorrow, it will be very "Martha'ish.
    I know what your thinking , and I agree.

  2. This has nothing to do with Martha at all. I like these sites I found very much. Edible wreaths were quite common at williamsburg.

  3. Yeah I know it wasn't actually "THE Martha" ,but it's still Martha crap. Don't get me wrong I enjoy it as much as the next person, but some of gets really haughty. I live near an artist community ,and I can just hear the pretentiousness, it's gets pretty thick.
    One thing that I love about Martha Stewart is that she gave giving homemade gifts dignity again. When I was a young adult , only store bought stuff was fashionable.

    When teens, and the elderly craft this kind of stuff it really brings a lot of joy into their lives, and the lives of the buyers.
    I love that people do these things, but I am conflicted, how much crap do I need? Most everyone even myself -has a ton of crap.

    Stuff it's a love -hate thing with me. I want it, then it suffocates me.


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