Sunday, November 30, 2008

My online art show.

Best In Show.


Two of my "white" friends stopped by today. I asked if they had seen my art show and they said yes. Then I said, "Well, what did you think?" They replied, "I have never seen anything like it." They are so darn cute and polite. But that was really a compliment of sorts, because it meant that my work was not as derivative as I had feared.


It really doesn't matter what people think because I was having more fun than anything. Yep - I was serious - but I was having a blast giving myself permission to be mental enough just to create. I also must say I was very surprised and deeply appreciative of those of you who commented and enjoyed the show along with me. The real treat is to study the work after it is enlarged enough to see detail and technique.


The piece above is my personal choice for "Best in show". It is "The Fool". I chose it because it is so aboriginal - and the detail amazes me. (Click on it to see detail.) It is my "Aboriginal Icon".


Thanks again to all who commented. Other friends I spoke to let me know they appreciate my representational art and religious art more, and I appreciate that. Anyway - this was my Holiday gift to my readers - I hope to have a smaller show as my Christmas gift to you next - if I get the work scanned that is.

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