Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who won the debate last night?

That one or the other one?

Depends on who you talked to... and whose side people are on. Those who support McCain say McCain did. Those who support Obama say Obama did. So really, no one did.
I'm very much in the middle however. I know who I "have" to vote for - so that frees me to express my totally unbiased opinion. That said, Obama made more sense to me than the other one.


  1. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I love when you post that picture! The little soul looks calm and only slightly annoyed that HIS WHEELCHAIR WAS HOOKED TO A SEMI ON A HIGHWAY!!!
    A soul accustomed to suffering....

  2. In some instances, Obama had the better argument. But having the better argument does not mean you are correct.

    I have to say that McCain came out ahead of Obama in yesterday's debate. And if he didn't, then it's because he oversimplified some very complex issues.

  3. SF - I love that kid too - I would love to talk with him about his adventure. He kept his cool under pressure.

    Tom - I was annoyed the town-meeting was so controlled - I think McCain would have done better if everything hadn't been so staged.

  4. I am afraid I may have to leave the ballot blank except for state issues. Two things are keeping me from voting for Obama: the virtual certainty that he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act if he gets the chance; and the knowledge that my mother would somehow probably know that I voted for a Democrat for president, and be spinning in her grave (my grandma, on the other hand would be saying "Attagirl!", if not for the fact that you can't be a pro-life Democrat anymore.)

  5. Obama is so pro-choice that his brilliant rhetoric was poisoned for me.

  6. O has more "style". Why, there is even a magazine with the title.

    But, I think we should ask the kid in the wheelchair. Which canidate could withstand riding the front end of a Semi? I bet it would be McCain.

  7. Elena - I was watching the debate with a friend who happens to be very enthusiastic about Obama. So I told him Obama is so much more than pro-choice - he would even allow for killing a baby born alive after an abortion attempt. I tried to describe it as grossly as possible and he said, "That isn't the issue, abortion is horrible and I'm against it, but it is a woman's choice that matters."

    I guess propaganda and brainwashing really does work!

  8. Ter: I'm with you. I know who I'll be voting for but I find him terribly unexciting. I think the wheelchair kid should run. If he can keep his cool under those circumstances just think what he could do in Eastern Europe!!!!


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