Sunday, October 05, 2008

This is important...

Where you go to Mass and what you wear. Oh! Oh! Do you kneel or stand for communion?


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  2. Yes. I think this is the most enigmatic commentary made on such matters yet. They are important but not to the point of reviling one another and the Church. When things are pared down, only then do we see what matters; the Love of God reaching out to and through our broken humanity.

  3. The people in the photo are kneeling.

    I live in a diocese where kneelers are routinely left out of the plans.

    Oh, and recently I went to mass, and heard something I hadn't hear in years. Bells at the Consecration. I almost cried.

  4. Greek Catholic... we stand to recieve. I serve, so I wear a cassock and heavy dalmatic. Now on hot days, I wear scrubs underneath the cassock. Keeps me from overheating!

  5. Simple Sinner - I was actually being sarcastic with this post because a couple of bloggers I know sometimes rant over decorum and attire at Mass. My point is that devotion is the most important thing, while not neglecting the other matters of course.


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