Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Campaign...

And the Candidates.
Why isn't the life issue brought up on the campaign trail or during the debates? Must be that the economy is more important.
Didya know?
In Spain they cover up late term abortion remains by placing it in a blender. Pro-abortion proponents are asking for more humane treatment of the remains by using a baby crushing machine... how Spanish-inquisitional is that?


  1. Last night I received my recent copy of JUF News (10/08) that published an interview with a Catholic priest, Fr. Desbois, who has been doing research and will be writing a book on the Ukainian slaughter of 1.5 million Jews. One of the interview questions asked this priest was, "What would you like to see as an outcome of your work?" His reply:

    "We have a very strong link with the Holocaust Museum in Washington. First they help us in the archive. We have 16-million pages of Soviet archives that nobody wanted to read.

    We proposed a teaching in Sorbonne, we made a connection between the Holocaust Museum and Sorbonne, and one can get a PhD. in Holocaust Studies. And I wrote a book that can be read by any simple person.

    But the emergency is to bury the people. You work with paleontologists, and THEY SAY THAT THE FIRST SIGN OF THE BEGINNING OF HUMANITY IS BURIAL [emphasis added]. Here you have the first thing of humanity that was not done. And I say we can't speak of Holocaust all over the world and not bury the victims. And if we go on, in 10-years we will begin to make roads, buildings—there are mass graves everywhere, and they are actually opened by smugglers, reopened like a goldmine... we cannot, we cannot."

    "...First sign of the beginning of humanity is burial..." haunting words. But I do think much of the world has been sedated by the pleasures of their sins and they cannot, will not turn their eyes to see that the blender is not burial, but a damnation hanging over our societies.

    Todays news on a recent poll just shows those that have been blessed with so much have become blinded [Young Catholics not turning to sanctity of life and marriage as voting issues]


  2. When I first read about the subject (I can't even type the words) my stomach just did a flip and I could hardly sleep that night.

    What have we become???

  3. Every time I think I've seen it all something like this is exposed. Satan is alive and well.


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