Sunday, June 22, 2008

Some advice.

This may apply to some com-box debates that go on as well.

"One strong recommendation, never engage the devil in conversation. I mean never. If you must tell the devil to depart; if you want the devil to go, you know where, tell him, but never engage him in what could even be interpreted as a friendly conversation. I have had enough experience of people foolish enough to engage in conversation with the devil who have suffered disastrous consequences as a result." - Source


  1. I have, I wont again, advice taken.It seemed like a okay idea at the time.

  2. Here is what I wrote on youtube.The Marilyn Manson folks were most nasty.
    Satan your time is coming to a close.Not only did I have the pleasure of turning my back on you and your lying scheming ways ,but many of my brothers and sisters in Christ have too.We still have 2/3s of the heavenly angels left and with Christ Jesus as Victor and King.We will with one voice rejoice as u r finally thrown into the pit with all of those who chose 2 serve u.Remember how it started in heaven? When u told God u would not serve? Your days are oh so numbered.Eternal death is your prize...
    Now at the time it seemed like an awesome idea.The Marilyn people didn't think so. Now I feel a little scared and bad. Where is my dear Priest right now??
    Geese I wonder where else I am screwing up?Thanks for the warning.

  3. good advice from fr hardon

    good characterizations of the devil

    BE GONE, Satan! in the name of Jesus -Amen

  4. Belinda - Jesus has conquered the evil one - trust in Jesus - you haven't screwed up. Jesus understands little children when they yell stuff out - he protects you and keeps you safe. Pray and don't worry, as Padre Pio liked to say - and hold onto your rosary.

  5. Thank you Padre Pio, It was so nice to hear from you,and Terry thank you for the comforting words. God bless you Terry! I believe that I am Catholic because of Padre Pio.It's so cool that he would pray a little pagan protestant girl in , how sweet of him.I felt an instant connection when I saw on t.v. his coffin being carried thru the streets in 1968.I was only 7.Oh how I love Catholics.How great is my dissapointment in the ones that are traitiors.(Hey don't even add the numbers up for my age, stop it!) I am still pretty cute, and humble too!!Just kidding, mostly.

  6. Oh, Terry, pay no mind to fools. I enjoy your blogs and besides, blogs should be done for one's own pleasure and satisfaction.

  7. That last comment is good advice for you, yourself, Terry.

  8. Thanks Terry - very timely and greatly appreciated...

    And I will be linking to this, as well as highlighting a few passages.

  9. Georgette12:23 AM

    Sage advice, indeed!! And something I have still to learn, even after all these many, many years.


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