Sunday, June 15, 2008

Now days...

Being a little out of step.

I have a feeling that now days a person can become a saint just by living according to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Nothing more heroic required.


  1. now days?
    i think it has always been that simple - or hard - to do.

    where did you find that old 3-D movie picture? and look at how they dressed to go to a movie date - man, have we lost it.

    those dudes had class!

  2. It's a constant swimming against the tide. Try showing up for Mass at a progressive Catholic church with 8 kids, and feel the uneasyness, awkwardness,and discust of others. Or our family Catholic Dr. Passing out,and recommending birth control.Or the Catholic nurse in the delivery room telling me that I had enough children, or my OBGYN who is Catholic said what is NFP? I am thinking are you freaking kidding me.Catholics have been a continual dissapoint to me,because I chose to be a part of this community as an adult of my own free will.Leaving relatives behind that could not accept my decision.I can not understand these Catholic people.I am not part of any group that I dont believe in. It's the Catholics that really treat their own like crap... Heroism begins in private when you do the right thing when no one else is watching. Hopefully it can grow from there. I am not as smart as you articulate, well spoken ,polite Catholic bloggers. I have really enjoyed my blogosphere adventure the last 2 weeks. I feel more stupid ,(public school educated, rather babysat) but at least it is good to know that there are some awesome Catholics out there like you,and your true Catholic blogger buddies.

  3. Uncle Jim - I cant remember where I found the 3-D photo - I had it in my file. I love that photo.

    Belinda - I really know what you are talking about with the kids - so shocking that Catholics should think 8 children are excesive - or even one child is excessive - hang in there! God bless - you are on the fast track to sainthood!

  4. Sainthood, I can only hope, the thing is that I know that I deserve the fullness of hell and all that it fails to offer.
    Now about that photo. I am a viewmaster collector. This is as charming as many of my reels. I am waiting for my artist daughter to teach me how to make a 3D reel. Art is my favorite subject after God of course. I suppose I really suck at both subjects because I can never learn enough, fast enough. Maybe throwing your heart into things that you love might count for something? Have you seen the "shorpy" web page? Amazing antique photos. History, and people to pray for all rolled into one great site.Ocassionally antique religious photos too. Check out my daughters art at

  5. "Check out my daughters art at"

    That was great! She's very talented.

  6. Georgette3:46 AM

    Belinda, the world is anti-child, and unfortunately most Catholics are in step with the world. But there are many of us who are not, who try to follow the Church, and who ADORE children and babies! It used to be said that you can tell a devout Catholic because they love two things more than anything: babies and seminarians.

  7. Georgette3:47 AM

    Belinda, oh the animation your daughter did is really great! I left a comment--I think she should try to get this published, it would make a lovely children's book!

  8. This anti-child mindset has permeated everything, even my "saintly" Catholic aunts and uncles with big families themselves say things that make me wonder how much of the culture they have absorbed. I'd love to have more kids and have considered adoption, but the comments I hear about that from my secular MIL are so unkind!

  9. I have a feeling that children are being treated with more hatefulness, comtempt,and covert snarky behavior. Probably more and more are considerd a drain on their households ,rather than a blessing. I would hate to be a kid now days.Also kids are getting beat up so to speak from each other as well. Parents are not encouraging better behavior for themselves or from their children.


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