Friday, June 06, 2008

Last day of school!

The girls got out of school today!
I don't have to tell you parents what I'll be going through this summer, do I! Two teen aged girls on the loose! I had hoped they could get a job at Petco (pet supply store) or something, but they didn't want to work with riff-raff. Then they were going to be candy-strippers (nurse-assistants) at the veterinarian clinic down the block, but said they didn't want to take their clothes off in front of those animals. (They made the right decision there, but see what I have to contend with?!)


  1. Typical 70's classroom. Don't remind me.

  2. Anonymous3:11 PM

    12 weeks....not that I'M counting. :>
    Summer is fun. ;>
    Anyone see any "back to school" ads yet?


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