Saturday, May 17, 2008

Unwed parents.

Angelina and Brad are pregnant.
Do you think it's a sign of the feminizing of men to say "we" are pregnant when it is really just the woman who is? I was just wondering.
Anyway, Angelina Jolie is expecting bastard twins. Yay! But why don't people get married anymore?
Maybe they will start to do so again, now that gay people can. Gays are always out front with fashion and trend, and now that they want to get married, and can, maybe straight people will want to do it again too. Or maybe marriage is just gay?
I don't know, what do you think Jennifer?
Did I tell you my idea for a priest t-shirt? On the back it says, "Unwed Father" and on the front, "Catholic Priest". Great idea, don't you think? Whatever Father.


  1. "Do you think it's a sign of the feminizing of men to say "we" are pregnant..."

    Most definitely. And your suggestion for the priest t-shirts had me LMAO!!

  2. When I hear a man say "we" are pregnant, I think of Tonto's words to the Lone Ranger, "Where do you get this 'we', Paleface?"

  3. There was a woman killed by a bus/truck on Lake Street in South Minneapolis maybe ten years ago or so that remained unidentified for a very long time.

    Finally after months, the coroner published a picture of her (dead) face and someone finally identified her.

    What landlord/mortgage/utility company wasn't getting paid was never mentioned.

    Maybe she had sufficient income that could be taken directly from her bank account.

  4. If not being married was the law of the Catholic Church, marriage would be the thing to do in Hollywood...

  5. Ugh. I wish the term "bastard" would be retired. (Except when talking about politicians.)

    Imagine if you were called that just because your parents were unmarried when you came along.
    And technically, ANY child EVER conceived outside of marriage is forever a "bastard", no matter what the parents do later.

    Hate it, hate it, hate it.

    It's right up there with "illegitimate child."

    How come no one talks about Maddox and Pax and She-Ra being "bastards?" Angie and Brad are their parents, too.
    Guess it's better to be a bastard than an orphan.


    I wish they'd get married, too, but ultimately, that's their decision.

  6. Oh, and I HATE that stupid "We are pregnant" crap.

    My husband will NEVER be "pregnant" - trust me.

  7. You are right Ma - I hate the word too and shouldn't have used it. I was making an "old fashioned" "politically incorrect" point which includes the meaning of illigitimate - just to drive home the collapse of traditional morality...

    I more or less grew up thinking my middle name was bastard, so I can assure everyone I'm not in favor of punishing kids with these terms.

    When high profile couples and celebrities have children out of wedlock, the lack of respect for marriage and family life disintegrates even further - especially in the eyes of the young. It seems to me Brad and Angelina have become the poster couple for "trailer trash chic".

    But they are beautiful and very nice.

  8. i like the t-shirt idea - just in reverse

    front says unwed father
    back says catholic priest

  9. The T-shirt is TOOOOOOO much LMAO!!!! WHERE on earth do you come UP with this stuff??!!!! LOL!!!!

    I think Brad is a bastard for not marrying Angie even though she says she doesn't want to (what a freakin' crock!)

    I think there are illegitimate parents but never illegitimat children.

    On my baptismal certificate it actually has a tick box where the priest can check "legitima" or "illegitima." Not very ProLife if you ask me. (Copy of certificate was issued April 1986!)

  10. And I HATEHATEHATE it when a couple says "we are pregnant." Hello??? Listen Bud, you try pushing a watermelon out of your...ah, never mind. You know what I mean.

  11. Jeannette10:40 AM

    My husband's uncle is a retired priest in Minneapolis (or St Paul, I forget); he says he lives in a 'home for unwed Fathers'! Did you run into Uncle Ronnie?

  12. Jeannette10:44 AM

    I don't think my husband has ever claimed that "we're pregnant", but he certainly goes through some labor while I'm recovering from childbirth in the hospital; it's not easy being a single father of eight, even for a few days.

  13. Jeanette:

    I know a couple of priests who live in the priests' retirement home here. I'll have to use that on them when I next see them.

  14. I prefer bastard. It's honest, everyone knows what I'm talking about and hopefully it makes the parents feel a litle uncomfortable.


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