Saturday, May 17, 2008

Like a whisper no one heard...

The woman died and no one noticed.
Hedviga Golik's body was discovered in her apartment in Croatia - she had been dead for 35 years - and no one missed her. Story here.


  1. I read this on yesterday when I was browsing How sad.

    Hey, if Cathy's right, Happy Birthday!!

  2. "My dear neighbors! Please keep on being curious and a bit tiresome, as you have been so far,"
    Good line. I had a neighbor hauled out after about a week, once. If the maintenance man hadn't dropped in, no telling how long it would have been.

  3. Wow. Croatia. The place to rent. If I'm more than THREE DAYS late with the rent, they come knocking on the door. I want her landlord!
    (I know that was wrong, but I couldn't resist.)


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