Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Goes to church on Sunday...

But oh, oh, watch out on Monday."
That is pretty much the screed of those who do not go to church but criticize their neighbors who do. There is an element of truth to it I suppose - although the devil likes to show people our faults. But I can do a pretty good job of showing off mine on my own without his help. That poor ol' devil gets blamed for a lot of stuff we do very well on our own.
Anyway. Last night after working in the yard, I was really tired and crabby. I posted in that mood. So I took some of the posts down this morning. You didn't miss much. (Never post when angry, over-tired, sick, drunk, or on pain-killers.)


  1. What if you're all 5 at once? Could make for interesting reading!

  2. Since I'm always on pain killers pehaps that means I should never post?

    I'm sure there are some that will be nodding their heads if they read my comment!

    Like i care ;-)

  3. Two, three, and five would pretty much rule me out, altogether.
    There have been rare instances when I did manage all five at the same time.


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