Sunday, February 03, 2008

Police state...

Nanny state.

Virginia Beach - where is that? Is that 700 Club country? Anyway - the cops raided Abercrombie & Fitch and confiscated "obscene" advertising stills, charging the manager of the store with displaying obscene images. LOL! I KNOW! - all the religious bloggers will agree with that one; even though plumbers have been displaying the same butt-shots for decades, and don't forget Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions of whose got the nipple. Blogging moms hate A&F. (I am listening to A&F's playlist as I write this. Really fun music.)
Okay fatty!
I read where Mississippi wants to pass a law prohibiting restaurants from serving food to obese customers - hungry or not. LOL! I think the rules for mildly obese people will be that they are not allowed to order dessert.
Arm the kids!
West Virginia considers giving gun lessons in public schools for children. I know a pastor in St. Louis Park, MN who might agree with that proposal. It does make sense for more efficiency in school shootings, a well trained shooter would have a better chance of getting the people he wants.

Remember - carnival only lasts until midnight Tuesday - then we have to be good. And lighten up, remember the proverb - "There is no problem we can fix."


  1. That's it - official confirmation that North American society has totally lost ALL common sense! We enshrine the right of any woman to shred the baby in her womb to pieces but they are raiding A & F, refusing food to some people and givng gun lessons to kids. Stop the planet - I want to get off!

  2. My thoughts exactly Angela. Wow - I've been living way too long I guess.

  3. The plumbers union will file a amicus curae in the A&F case.

    MS: Thanks for the warning! I'll be sure to carry a lunch next time I go down!

    WV: Don't need it. I'm a good shot already. Just ask any bunny rabbit. :-) (that one was for you, Ter)

    Angela: Excellent point.

  4. Cath, did you know bunny rabbits are the symbol of charity? Did you know charity extends to animals? I'm making this up.

  5. Ter: You're kidding?


  6. I notice you cropped the gentleman at the right of the picture.

  7. Cath - I am kidding - very silly mood today.

    Jeffrey - no, I took it from Drudge, A&F wouldn't let me use the original.


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