Sunday, February 03, 2008

And so I told her...

And so I told Cathy - "Yes, one may either wear a hat, a scarf, or a chapel veil to the TLM." She opted for a hat, after I convinced her it didn't make her look masculine at all. (Was that mean?)


  1. At least she wiped off all that makeup!

  2. LMAO!!!

    Very, Haute Couture!

  3. Angela: Actually, that photo was taken before I put all the makeup on! Terry promised he would not use it but you can see how he fibbed.Not only that, I would say this whole post is not very charitable to me.

    I know this is in retaliation for the bunny I shot by his house. I can't understand why Ter is so upset. I left it for him (lunch you know!) on the step.

  4. Heaven will not become crowded until the date that folks like Marjorie Main, Margaret Rutherford and Kate Smith get nominated for the Best Actress award for an Oscar on a regular basis.

    American society's obsession with sex and beauty, something that didn't seem to appear until after World War II, came at the expense of an appreciation for talent and ability.

    Advertising and television certainly must have played a huge role in that transformation.

    I am no fan of Islamic society, but it certainly must be acknowledged that our obsession with sex and beauty is on of the main reasons that Islamic fundamentalists despise our culture.

    Of course, I acknowledge that their rulers, plutocrats and celebrities, once they arrive in Davos or Monte Carlo, are just as despicable in their lifestyles as ours.


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