Monday, January 28, 2008

Here is something you wouldn't find out in an ordinary meme...

Cathy of Alexandria was a huge figure skating star.
Cathy writes: "There was a time when I would have actually gone to Nationals.... I went to the Olympic Festival when it was held here." Yet she laments, "Today, I can barely tell you who the up and comers are or who the current national champions are." Apparently experiencing a sort of literary disorientation, Cathy writes, (You know,) "I'm not sure exactly when I quit the sport of figure skating."
Later on, in an obvious attempt to put to rest all the rumors and questions if drinking had anything to do with her dropping out of the skating circuit, Cath writes, "I think it all ended for me when it became apparent that it was all about the jumps." Continuing with that thread, she added how she would, "wobble and land with (her) arms flailing..." (landing) "in the "kiss and cry" area"
After attacking skater Surya Bonaly, calling her a, "French brat and all-around poor sport," Cathy writes, "I'm not even sure I'd call" her a woman. "Clearly, sexuality has nothing to do with how well (she) skate(s)." Oddly enough, she abruptly ends her tirade about Bonaly with this cryptic statement, "I feel like someone should be arrested for child pornography."
Without giving everything away, her memoir concludes somewhat poignantly: Cathy wrote, (Now) "If I want to see people hitting the ice for a few hours, I'll film myself skating at Parade Stadium."
That just sounds so Norma Desmond, doesn't it? The entire post is quite sad.
(I wonder if her friend Adoro's real name is Nancy?)
[This review is an edited version of Cathy's original post - all words in quotation marks are Cath's actual statements. Photo: Cath after losing Nationals.]


  1. LM(pointy)AO!

    Just wait, mister. My bodyguard is coming over with his crowbar.

  2. Fine - but you better check your laces the next time you go skating.

  3. You're just jealous of my gold blades!

    Hee-hee...I got you. You never learn do you, sweetie-pie?

  4. "I think it all ended for me when it became apparent that it was all about the jumps."



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