Wednesday, December 05, 2007

'Twas the night before St. Nicholas...

And all the kids were in a pickle...

The End.


  1. But if they were in a pickle, why are they in a tub? If, however, by "pickle" you mean trouble, then why are these little ones having fun?

    I think you posted the wrong pic. LOL!


  2. Tom - I'm just doing a send up on the legend that St. Nicholas restored life to 3 murdered boys who had been pickled to hide their bodies.

    Happy St. Nicholas day!

  3. Happy St. Nicholas' Day! May you find treats in your shoe. My son is getting a chocolate bar AND some sticks. His behavior lately has been atrocious, so mom and dad have to do a better job of instructing him :)

    Mean mom ;}

  4. Another touching and cuddly holiday post, Care-Ter. I can't help but feel that Krampus is still upset that he doesn't get the press coverage that St. Nick does.

  5. Terry,
    What's the dill? You've gotta be gherkin my chain. That's a Vlasic story and it's not kosher to poke fun.


    (Sorry, it's late. That's all I got.)

  6. Ma! Now that's a pickle!

  7. Cath,
    Miracle of miracles, that was actually done sober.
    (To my shame...)



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