Saturday, December 08, 2007


"According to St. Thomas, simplicity is attached to the virtue of veracity, which puts truth into speech, gestures, manner of being and of living." (Three Ages of the Interior Life)


  1. I love the name Three Ages of the Interior Life. It implies growth, progression, and hope. Hope because when you find yourself lacking and toiling with issues that others have seemingly been able to overcome, you know that the problem might be a sophomoric and infantile spirituality. Which means that by submitting ourselves to the proven traditions of the Catholic Church, we may not so much understand completely everything in life, but we will grow in despite the lack of answers. Besides, the growth and the conversion is an ongoing process.

    Remember this, “Tell them you have a new project. It will never be finished.”

    I hope I’ve made sense. LOL!

  2. I hadn't seen it on TV, but just watched the ad on YouTube. You're right, it is good.

    Even says "Christmas" in it.


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