Friday, December 07, 2007

Do you realize...

Some of my favorite blogs are the ones I link to in my sidebar? Either on this blog or on Abbey 2 - but many of them do not link to me. Do I complain? No honey, I don't. Do I think nasty thoughts about these people? Yes honey, I do.


  1. Terry, my friend (I almost wrote my "fiend"), I've yet to begin posting links to my favorite blogs on my blog. But rest assured that your blogs are unequivocally some of my favorite hang outs.

    But because I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate you or the things you write, I shall begin my list tonight and your blogs shall be the first two I make links to.

    Now don't tell me you were thinking nasty about me! LOL!


  2. I have a link to you:) ...and to Abbey 2 from my little boring, squeaky clean, high school (but shooting for grade school) level, never rants blog. I keep praying my 7th graders don't pop in on one of your off days ;-)

  3. Terry,
    You wouldn't believe this if I told you, but last night I was on your blog at around 9PM, and I thought, "Mon Dieu! I never put Terry on my sidebar!"
    That is my project for my next off days.

    Please, no more evil thoughts! My ears were on fire yesterday!

  4. Thanks guys! I wasn't thinking of any of you however. I was also just in a feel sorry for terry mood. (It's the holidays you know.)

    But anyway - Adrienne - I realized you are not on my links either - I'll fix that!

  5. I'm sending you Sally Field wishes...we love you, we really, really love you!

  6. Teehee, if that picture is a hint, I think I know exactly to whom you refer. It's just as well if she doesn't have a link to you--she'd just leave snarky comments, anyway.

    By the way, thank you for still having my link up on your blogs! St Francis Xavier gets tons of hits still--especially last week (his Feast Day's the 3rd as you know), oh man!

    Your blogs are among the few that I ever read any more. You have a great mix of humor and spiritual insights. You don't harp on politics too much, but from what I've gleaned, I think you're one of the more wise and insightful (and consistant in Faith) in the conservative blogosphere!

  7. Georgette, thanks for the kind words... you too Monica.

    The nun photo isn't a hint though. :)


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