Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Left Behind.

What happened to santa?

"...then all of a sudden, this nice lady's Christmas tree just up and dropped out of the sky and landed on the poor old guy - this here's all that's left of him - it's like he melted or somethin'."
[Read about funny Christmas cards here.]


  1. What happened? Same thing that happened to the witch when Dorothy's house landed on her. But because Santa is much, MUCH older than the wicked witch, it took only a Christmas tree to put him out of commission. Now Krampus has control of the Kringle estate.

    It's rumored that Mrs. Clause dropped the tree on Santa when she though he was being naughty with that "nice lady." I believe she is currently doing time in Guantanamo.


  2. Tom - you get it! You really get it!

    (Sally Fields said that.)

  3. tom: You have crossed over into a darker universe.



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