Friday, December 14, 2007

Hard to find toys for the kids...

These and other fine toys available exclusively at Jeron's - St. Louis. Shop Jeron's for those hard to find gifts this holiday season! Family owned and operated for 38 years!
[All toys made in China and contain lead and other toxic substances. Meth included in the Easy Bake kit. United States brand cigarettes and booze must be purchased separately for John Candy Land.]


  1. Jeron2:13 PM

    Come on by y'all!

  2. That glue factory cracks me up - all the little ponies lined up...

  3. I thought I wanted PhotoShop for Christmas until I saw the Easy Bake Meth Lab.

  4. Anonymous5:49 PM


    Anna :)

  5. Friends: I've shopped with Jeron for years and I can vouch for the quality of the customer service, the reasonable prices, excellent product. For example: I ordered that meth lab oven and Jeron stopped by and showed me how to set it up and provided me with a sample of his home product for comparison. He also told me how I can mask the smell so I'm not raided!!!!

    Folks: you can't beat that kind of service!

  6. The Easy Bake ovens have been recalled...darn it!

    Hey, go easy on John Candy, he's a favorite of mine!

  7. Does the meth lab make a satisfying enough explosion?

  8. Omigoodness!!!!

    too, too funny:)!!!


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