Monday, October 15, 2007

The feast of St. Teresa of Avila

Doctor of the Church
Mystical Doctor of the Church that she is, she had a very homely manner of writing, a wit that shows through even in her loftiest works. The digressions she indulges in as she wrote her autobiography dramatize her personal style while lending us ever new and revealing insight into her personality, that some have described as vivacious. Curious term for a contemplative nun.
On another blog a discussion has a come up regarding whether or not women should be declared Doctors of the Church. Not surprisingly, an SSPX bishop raised the question. For some reason a few uber-trads seem to reject most of the saints and blesseds, and apparently now female Doctors, who have been proclaimed such since the Council. Of course, trads do not follow the new liturgical calendar anyway, so how much difference does it make? (I'll have to explore that.)
Nevertheless, this reminded me of the post I did last year, on the humor of Teresa of Avila. last year - just for fun - I came up with an idea of a sit-com based upon St. Teresa's life. I immediately thought of Bea Arthur ("Maud", "Golden Girls") in the role of Teresa, with Christine Baranski ("Cybil Shepard Show", "The Birdcage") as the Princess of Eboli. They could spar over her writings as they did in real life - only make it funnier - wasn't it the Princess who had an eye-patch - or am I getting my nobility mixed up? Actually, the sit-com could focus on the Princess, after the death of her husband, when she entered the monastery of Pastrana, and became the source of so much grief - now that's a show.
In one scene, Teresa could be traveling to make another foundation, the coach falling in the river, Bea Arthur, with her dead pan humor, looking up to heaven, as in the photo above, saying, "No wonder you have so few friends when you treat them like this." Then guffaws of canned laughter. The entire production could be done similarly to the British sit-com, "Absolutely Fabulous!"
Uber-trads wouldn't be happy with that either.
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  1. Compared to much of the junk that's on TV today, this would be an interesting show if done tastefully (not likely in Hollywood!) Maybe you could pitch it to Mel Gibson ;}

    It seems the uber trads want to throw out the great road maps given to us by the saints and make up their own.

  2. Jeron1:24 PM

    I'd watch it.

  3. I'd watch it too-for the clothes!

    Feminists like that there are female doctors of the church because they use that as part of their argument for women priests. If there can be female Doctors of the Church then there can be female priests.

    I have no problem with women being Doctors of the Church, wisdom is wisdom but I draw the line at women being priests. Priests act in persona Christi and The Christ was not a woman.

  4. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Hi-freakin-larious picture!!! Is it an original Terenzo da Minneapolis or a Vincenzo de Fotoshopia?

    Angie M.

  5. Yes - it is Terry paint.

  6. I too like the pic and wondered where you found it. Didn't know it was by the famous Terenzo! Impressive. I can't deal with Paint, but you certainly have a knack.


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