Thursday, October 18, 2007

Elvis priest...

Viva Las something...

Thomas Merton once said that one of his greatest penances was the lack of taste shown by the monks in the monastic community in which he lived. I get that.
What about this for no taste, the Romanian priest who impersonates Elvis? (I guess when you are from Romania you have to do something.)
Sorbo, Italy - Romanian-born Antonio Petrescu believes you can worship God and (impersonate) Elvis at the same time: as a Catholic priest and Elvis Presley impersonator, he finds his spiritual inspiration in the late rock legend.
"People ask me 'How can you reconcile Elvis impersonations with your choice of professional work?'" said Petrescu, who puts on his glittery suits and swivels his hips when not working as a parish priest in the Italian town of Avezzano. - Story

The priest's website here. Yeah - that's his photo - kinda looks like Jeron.


  1. Jeron2:25 PM

    Ain't I a looker?! "Benedicite!"

  2. It's rilly rilly weird.. I've never seen Elvis backlit by a menorah.. about someone wanting the best of all possible worlds, eh? I'll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.
    Thanks, Terry.:-p

  3. My next post will be on how inappropriate I think it is for people to dress up as Elvis and how I think it confuses the young and doesn't help foster vocations.

  4. If he starts singing the lyrics of that commercial, "Viva Viagara," you'll know something is wrong.

  5. The only time I actually ever saw an Elvis impersonator was while shopping at the local pharmacy.

    He was young & trim, & looked better than most (actually, anyone) in that white jumpsuit. He wasn't there long, & when we happened to exit the building together, I told him he was the best impersonator I'd ever seen -

    & he replied, without missing a beat, 'Thank you... thank you very much!'

  6. Oh Terry! It's not so bad!

  7. Jackie - I really don't think it is bad either - I've just never been an Elvis fan.

  8. I've got an old [in his 70's - at least that's older that terry]] black preacher that brings his church bus / van into our repair shop several times a year. Claims he was a friend of Elvis' in high-school. Has a whole 15 minute story about how Elvis and his buddies got their little band together and were going make it big - at least big enough to get out of Memphis. The last time he saw him, Elvis and the boys had just signed the recording contract that would send them on their way. My preacher friend says that Elvis told him, "Snake" [preacher's teen-age nickname - I didn't ask how] he said, "You gotta find some way to get out of here [Memphis] - we're going, and we're white. You know you gotta find some way to get out." Preacher says that next year his daddy moved their whole family out to IN to get work and to get away from that powder-keg that was Memphis. So I'm glad to see Elvis found a vocation finally - a priest ain't a bad thing at all.

  9. Romania, eh?

    Just thank the good Lord he's not dressing up as Nosferatu.


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