Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Even more funny Pope pictures...

Pope in flames.
The above photo out of Poland is supposed to show JPII waving from the grave. Story here. This photo will probably thrill some trads and sedes - they might suggest it is proof John Paul is not in Heaven but some other place, like purgatory or...
Very few trads accept John Paul II as "Great".


  1. HAHA!! I caught the end of something on the tv this morn about that pic but had no idea where it came from. Well, I'll wager that the trads will see that the flames aren't quite hot enough for purgatory!

    I'm enjoying your blog too; thanks for directing me to it.

    God bless

  2. When I saw this today I was chuckling ... especially at some of the comments left on the newssite.

  3. Jeron1:10 PM

    Howabout "John Paul the Swell?"

  4. I couldn't believe that this was on all the news channels and morning programs. People are easily entertained!


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