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Sunday, October 21, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Race driver spooked by fan.

Martin Truex announced today he is concerned about a stalker, and may quit racing entirely.


  1. What is it with these guys who shave only every third day? How is it that they are able to attract all the women?

    Do you think that if I stopped shaving that I'd have to beat women off with a stick?

  2. Ray wrote:
    "Do you think that if I stopped shaving that I'd have to beat women off with a stick?"

    LOL. You say that as if you forgot that there were cameras..


  3. Ray:
    It's taken you this long to figure that out? Careful what you wish for...

  4. ROFL!

    Really, he's stalking me. He's tired of the blondes. It's true, really. Well, I'm letting him stalk me, so, technically is that really stalking?

  5. Doesn't he resemble Cyclops from X-Men?


    They both need to shave.

    (Btw...this comment should not be taken to mean that I like the X-Men movies in any way). :o


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