Saturday, October 27, 2007

All Hallows Eve

Trick or Treat.

I never give out candy on Halloween. I usually close up the shutters and keep very few lights on, as if no one is home. I didn't want the kids running through my garden and landscape instead of using the stairs - so I refused to participate in the tradition. This year however, I intend to change all of that.

I'm going to rig up some type of fence of tall stakes with banners, knit together with spider webs. I'll line the stairs with candles, and have a cauldron with dry ice at the top of the stairs, to make a scary fog. There will be smaller containers of dry ice in the hedges, to add to the fog. I'll have the front light on and give out candy - good candy - not cheap stuff. It will be fun. I was thinking I could dress up like Bottom from "A Midsummer's Night Dream" and wear the head of a jackass.

I wish I had some Valium.


  1. The kids and I will be sure to stop by. What kind of "good stuff?" Godiva, Ghiradelli, Lindt...? Please don't say it's something you made yourself ;}

  2. OOH! You could dress up like Vlad the Impaler and have heads on spikes lining your walkway!

  3. Hope you'll post some photos....

  4. Omigoodness - have fun!

    & please post pics?!!

  5. What was that address again? 4321 Contemplation Avenue? I'll be over. It'd be nice if I bring my ID if you had martinis or something to sip on, too.

    They go well with fine chockies.

  6. Valium! You might just need it! lol


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