Saturday, July 28, 2007

Terry at school...

Sister Lillian: Mr. Nelson, you are never going to amount to anything, I'm just passing you to get you out of my class.
Little Terry: Thank you Sister!


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Was that taken just before the "Joy-Buzzer" you had in your hand went off?

  2. Terry, is that really you?

  3. No - that isn't me.

    And Sister had just confiscated the joy-buzzer.

  4. No, Terry, is in the back with the plaid jumper on.

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Terry, I have three older brothers and I got, you can't be the sister of -------, you're too sweet. :>

  6. LOL! Cathy - I was going to say that myself! Too funny! (Then I realized I'm the one not wearing the uniform.)

    SF - Thanks! But Cathy would disagree with you about me being too sweet.

  7. No, I wouldn't. You are a sweetie disguised as a cranky misanthrope.

  8. You guys might think it would be fantasy, but "flunking" was quite common in the "olden days."

    So was "skipping a grade."

    That was how the nuns managed classroom space.

    If B.V. was a cutup and although not dumb, they might make him repeat the sixth grade where they had room.

    He didn't seem to mind it and he later got a Master's Degree so it might have done him some good.

    Skipping was not always good because someone who was outstanding in sixth grade would become the youngest in eighth grade and the brighter kids there wouldn't want to hang around with a mere 13 year old.


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