Thursday, July 26, 2007

Terrance J. Nelson

I Googled my name to see what images came up for me - aside from some of my paintings, this image came up as me. I guess I don't mind.
(I'm kind of thinking I may return to this blog exclusively. The Catholic Company is now beginning to post advertisements on Abbey2, and everyone knows how I despise crass commercialism on blogs. I'm also not so impressed with St. Blogs and their Stepford Catholic assemblage of writers. And I don't trust "Catholic" companies that much any more either. This development raises all sorts of conscientious objections for me. I'm plunged into re-evaluating blogs, their meaning and purpose. Oy! I didn't see this crises coming back so soon! It's Cathy's doing - I'm sure of it!)


  1.'re still going to visit me, aren't you? I don't like the stepford thing, either.

    I'd miss you if you went away. And I think you should keep up both blogs.

    My last day at work is a week from tomorrow...maybe I'll start another blog, too. The Unemployment Diaries.

  2. Yes - I do visit you - and I doubt if I'll stop blogging.

    Everyday I recommend you to Our Mother of Perpetual Help for all your needs.

  3. Thank you, Terry.

    I know OLPH is close, and you know what? JP2 is, too. Can't explain it, but he knows all about my dog and he's helping me. I'm pretty sure he's going to OLPH, too.

    There's something about OLPH. Maybe once I don't have a job I'll start drawing again, and that icon is on my list. And I can't imagine my own copy of that to be anything other than prayerful, not like anything else. God can be glorified in only a few lines, whether of the pencil or in writing.

    Or just a single symbol: +

  4. I have no time for ad placement conspiracies, I'm still planning my takeover of the U.N.

    You are both in my prayers.

    Terry, you should keep blogging if you can. I like the idea of seperate blogs for each of your personalities (I know you have more then 2) but I understand if you need to dump one because the ads are bugging you.

  5. Cathy, have you seen the black helicopters too?

    (As for personalities and blogs, at one time I had 5 going at once. Tom had to quit though, after he married Katie.)

  6. I like the separate blogs too, Terry. This one is a good place to come for a laugh and the other one is more spiritual. The many faces of Terry. Hmmm...that could be the name of your blog if you decide to mix them together.

  7. It seems to me a "pity party", or perhaps, "empathy frolic" would be in order for Adoro. Anybody up for it?


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