Monday, July 23, 2007

L'Oreal Cathy at Mass...

A rare photo of Cathy of Alexandria at Mass, shown here with Adoro. (Cathy is wearing the black mantilla - the woman with all the make-up.)

I guess this would be a "chapel veil tip" to Ray at Stella Borealis.


  1. LMAO!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Notice she has no nail polish on - she was unable to put it on because of her hand injury from when she fell out of the bus at the races. (Hiccup!)

  3. just you wait, mister...

  4. I wonder if its acceptable to wear flip flops to Mass if you have a bruised and swollen toe...

  5. I just noticed the satanic (small "s") glint in Terry eyes in this incarnation.

    Hey, "nab"!

    How did you learn about my gout and my plantar fasciitis? My left big toe has been killing me for nearly a month now. Incurable, they tell me.

    I prefer the "jb" myself.

  6. nab ~I think in that case you should wear one of those boots they give out, and then cover the toe with a special piece of cloth in order to avoid causing scandal. And if you are going to refrain from acceptable footwear, it's also best if you are on crutches! But Cathy's the expert on these matters. When her hand is better, she'll explain about praying with one hand and how to keep one's hand elevated at Mass properly and demurely, etc.

    Terry and Ray, what I REALLY want to know is how it was appropriate for you both to go traipsing around the sanctuary at Mass, turning your back on the altar in order to get that photo.

    Hmmmm???? Can you explain yourselves.

    I'm just glad I had my mantilla...I was having a really bad hair day. The coloring didn't go well, as you see. My hair is much darker than that.


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