Monday, July 04, 2022

Guardian Angel


Invocations of the Holy Guardian Angels

Holy Angel, my counselor, inspire me.

Holy Angel, my defender, protect me.

Holy Angel, my faithful friend, intercede for me.

Holy Angel, my consoler, fortify me.

Holy Angel, my brother, defend me.

Holy Angel, my teacher, instruct me.

Holy Angel, witness of all my actions, purify me.

Holy Angel, my helper, support me.

Holy Angel, my intercessor, speak for me.

Holy Angel, my guide, direct me.

Holy Angel, my light, enlighten me.

Holy Angel, whom God has assigned to lead me, govern me.


  1. “Angel of God
    My Guardian dear
    To whom God’s love
    Commits me here.
    Ever this day be at my side
    To light, to guard, to rule and
    This was the first prayer I remember learning. I can still, in my minds eye, see the plastic two page book like little shrine in my bedroom. After today, and what portends for tomorrow, I do not think our guardian angels are enough!

    1. My first prayer, too, Mr. H. Sometimes I wish I could see my angel, like Padre Pio did. I would certainly remember to ask for help when I need it!

  2. I do ask mine for help too. I read once JPII would ask his to communicate with other people he met, especially people he had difficulty with. I like that!

  3. Holy Angels! Who do you root for?

    1. For God I should think. Free will allows us to choose for ourselves.


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