Tuesday, June 15, 2021

I almost got a dog today.

But I realized it wouldn't work out with the cat.

I can't try to fill the hole in my heart by doing stuff like that.  I have to let it be.

I also don't want to leave another orphan.


  1. Regarding your last line, I have thought about the same thing. I think at some point Queen Elizabeth did not seek out another dog after her last corgi died, but Prince Andrew got her a corgi puppy anyway. I am sure someone will care for her dog after she is gone, but not so sure about the rest of us.

    I think for you, my dear brother in Christ, the thing to do is perhaps practice patience, ask God how He wants you to serve Him, and wait to find out His plan for you. Which is very difficult, I well know. You are faithful and willing to submit to His Will, and He knows that. And things may look differently by Christmas - when God puts His plans in motion, things move quickly.

    God is not done with you yet. And He has given you unique talents in order to do good in the world. I will pray for your intention at 12:10 PM Mass today, especially at the Consecration. The answer may not come for you today, but it will, one way or another, when the time is right.

    Be at peace, dear Terry, and I hope there is special joy for you today - Susan, TOF

  2. I like cat people :)

    1. I like both cat and dog people! A wise co-worker once told me anyone who could not love animals most likely cannot really love people, either!

  3. Our cat of 20 years died a month ago. We will be getting a new cat ..may be a few months!


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