Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I'm not finished.

I haven't posted much on the blog - but I'll be back.  Soon.


  1. Would be interested to read your take on the Benedict/Sarah co-author controversy. Where Peter Is website has some good articles on it.

    1. I commented a little on FB. I also linked to Where Peter Is on it. I pretty much accept on face value what Ganswein had to say, requesting Benedict's name be removed from the book. I accept it's a problem of communication - call me naive. If Pope Francis was annoyed, that's neither here nor there - he's Pope. Critics use this stuff to foment deeper division and use it as a 'gotcha' against the Pope and the synodal process. The critics are like the men in today's gospel who watched Jesus closely to find something wrong and then publicize it online. I kind of avoided taking it seriously enough to really write about it since almost everyone I know is now anti-Francis or simply do not trust him. I think many are loosing their faith - having placed it in an institution or a tradition or a liturgical discipline. Not sure if I said that correctly, but you know what I mean.

    2. Agree with you on everything you say. Ignatius press is going ahead a publishing the book with Papa Emeritus Benedict's name on it as co-author despite his requests to have his name removed.

      Ah well ... so much for being respectful towards Benedict.

      Look forward to seeing you return as time allows. God bless you and keep and your friend safe and warm during your winter storms.

  2. https://www.catholicsun.org/2020/01/23/archbishop-chaput-retires-pope-names-bishop-perez-successor/


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