Saturday, November 09, 2019

Life imitates art ... Fr. Z is the new Robert Langdon.

Z Map.

He's been connecting dots.

And they line up to a similar pattern as that found in Dan Brown's Angels and Demons - you know, the author of those books about the Illuminati who has pretty much been condemned by Catholics online as anti-Catholic?  Hmmmmm...

Illuminati Map.

For some time, as I hear about bizarre things going on in and around the Vatican City State, I’ve been trying to connect the dots.   This morning I connected literal dots just to see what a few of these strange things looked like, mapped out.
  • There was a horrible drug fueled homosexual orgy at the Palazzo Sant’Uffizio some years back.  That’s in the very building where the CDF and the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” are housed.  Where the Faith is defended and where Tradition is being fostered.  The CDF also handles the graviora delicta, abuse matters.  This is also very close to the a) place where Peter was crucified, b) the Synod Hall, c) the Casa Santa Marta (where Francis lives), d) the Basilica where Peter’s bones are.
  • A ceremony was held in the Vatican Gardens near the Museums where a tree was planted and an imam recited a sutra from the Koran that was intended to claim territory for “Allah”.  That video was scrubbed and the whole thing buried.  I recently went to that spot and saw the tree.  There is no plaque for the event, though all the other commemorative trees have a plaque.
  • A pagan ritual was held in the Vatican Gardens near the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes.  A statue of Pachamama was venerated in a ritual way.  A pagan idol was venerated, in violation of the 1st Commandment.  This idol was ubiquitous during the Amazon Synod as were black bowls used in the rite to invoke that demon.   I know at least one priest who went to that place and recited Ch. 3 of Title in the Roman Ritual to exorcise a place.
  • Pagan symbols including many Pachamama idols with obscene dehumanizing photos were displayed in a church just up the main street extending to St. Peter’s Basilica, in Santa Maria in Traspontina.  There were regular ceremonies there to venerate the demonic idols over a period of a month.  An young Austrian man took some of the idols from this church and threw them into the Tiber River.
  • During the closing Mass of the Amazon Synod, one of those black bowls with a plant with red flowers, associated with the cult of the demon Pachamama, was placed – at the order of Francis – on the very altar of Saint Peter’s Basilica directly over the place where the bones of St. Peter are located. - Wherein Fr. Z Rants.
Alert the media.  Get the presses rolling - this could be bigger than those National best sellers, Deciphering the Da Vinci Code and the Gargoyle Code!  Get Ron Howard on the phone!  No!  Get Barb Nicolosi and Act Up - get a screen play and make this film.  What?

Fr. Z just might be made a Monsignor for this one.


  1. Yawn ... sad too.

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    The story of a pope, a bishop and a rainstorm in Rome


    from Unsplash/Public Domain

    Bridgeport’s Bishop Frank Caggiano — in Rome for the ad limina visit —posted this on his Twitter feed Saturday. I think it’s a story more people need to know:

    Last evening I met Bishop Peter Rosazza, the retired auxiliary bishop from @ArchdioceseHart in the lobby of the hotel where we were staying. He recounted a remarkable story of encountering the Pope earlier that same day, for which he has given me permission to post.

    Earlier that day the weather was cold and rainy. Bishop Peter was late in coming down to catch the bus that was reserved to take all the bishops to their congregational visits. As he walked out of the building, staring at the drenching rain, he encountered two things.

    The rain created a walking hazard for anyone who needed to navigate the cobblestones of the Vatican. As he looked around, he also immediately found himself standing in front of Pope Francis, who was entering into the back of his car, with his driver about to close the door.

    When the Pope saw Bishop Peter, without hesitation he called out to him, warned him of the slippery conditions of the cobblestones and asked him where he needed to go. Bishop Peter replied that the meeting he was supposed to attend was at the Congregation for Education.

    The Pope smiled, told him to join him in the car and that he was happy to have Bishop Peter escorted directly to the Congregation in his own car!

    Bishop Peter was deeply touched, amazed and grateful for such a kind gesture, offered in an ordinary & hidden way. It’s in witnessing such kindness by the Vicar of Christ that we all get a better glimpse of the man who was chosen to lead the Church in these difficult times.

    Pray for the Holy Father and the bishops who shepherd us.

    Terry, stories like these inspire me, not Z's rants.


  3. Sensational clap trap! He should pray his rosary and stop posting nonsense like the National Enquirer.

  4. Why do Catholic churches traditionally face East? Why were some great shrines built on the site of former pagan temples? Why are the bones of saints and martyrs placed within an altar? For the Catholic Church, direction and physical place are important. It's not completely crazy to suspect events with occult undertones might be conducted at specific placesas to surround a key spiritual stronghold (identified in comments as the Sistine Chapel).


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