Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Images that last.

The people who dropped to their knees.

What impressed me deeply from all the photos pouring out of Paris, was the images of people on their knees in prayer, as the Cathedral burned.  Aside from the images of the heroic fight of the firefighters, and those who rescued the Blessed Sacrament, sacred relics, and artifacts, the silent, mournful prayer of so many was a great witness to the faith. 

Was it arson?

I don't know.  However, in light of what has been happening in France, and because St. Sulpice burned last month, my immediate reaction to the Notre Dame fire was that somehow they were connected, and I was shocked and saddened - it sounds cliche, but words can't express. It struck me as nearly apocalyptic. Of course thoughts of arson and who could be responsible ran through my mind. I immediately thought of the 'Gilets Jaunes' movement and anarchists associated with them, since weeks before there were demonstrations and fires along the Champs-Elysées and elswhere. There seems to be the scent of revolution in the air - across the globe.

Prayer is needed, and the Parisians lead the way in their response to the fire at Notre Dame.

Notre Dame De Paris 
Priez pour nous!  Priez pour Paris!


  1. I knew as soon as I saw the Cathedral on fire that the conspiracy theories would start. I don't believe this was deliberate. A deliberate fire would have been done in such a way to cause absolute destruction and would also have been aimed at taking life. This happened after hours and, thank God, did not destroy the cathedral.

    I do see this fire as very much an allegory of the current situation in the Church. The Church may seem to be spiritually burning to the ground right now, but we have a Foundation that can withstand anything. When all the smoke of the hate and venom that is being spread does clear, you will see that the Church may be smaller and not as imposing looking as it once was, but it will be strong than ever and united on that One Foundation.

  2. My theory is that God thought it was time He hit the headlines. The gold cross intact and shining in a beam of light above blackened rubble and ashes was a parable in picture form on the front page of the secular papers. God’s in His heaven all right but all is not right with the world. The word “miracle” was gaily splashed about the news headlines yesterday but is already forgotten today - Trump trending this morning. If the world, would only acknowledge and humbly glorify the Cross each and every day, and obey the words of the One crucified on it: “Love one another” and “always treat others as you would like to treat you” the world would be transformed. The cross isn’t just a handy newspaper image - it’s a sign to change ourselves and our world so that we will one day become citizens of that other world beyond this one - that St Paul, after an experience given to him, described with the words “Eye has not seen nor ear heard what the good Lord has prepared for those who love Him”. Try it, people. If you don’t believe then just once say, “look, if You DO exist, let me know”. If you want an answer, believe me, you’ll get it. Love and God bless MB

  3. The young man kneeling on the pavement and praying with what looks like a Rosary. With Pere Fournier, what icons shining in the darkness!


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