Monday, January 21, 2019

WATCH: "It's a cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his bootstraps." - Martin Luther King Jr.


  1. I disagree with him. Plenty of whites were indentured servants. Initially, the slaves brought here were indentured servants too. The change to chattel slavery was instigated by a man who was formerly an indentured servant, Anthony Johnson, formerly an indentured servant, which was a 7 year term of servitude, had accumulated enough wealth that as a freedman, originally from Gambia, he had indentured servants of his own. At the end of John Casor's term, he entered into service with a neighbor. Subsequently, Anthony took the neighbor to court in Virginia colony in a civil suit and was awarded John's services for life.

    So you see, boys and girls, just as it was other African tribes and Arab slave traders selling people to the Western slave trade, here it was a black man wanting to enslave his fellow black man forever, just as was done in Africa. Because they were both black Africans, the court allowed it.

    Had this not happened, it's likely that indentured servitude would've continued. There were an awful lot of Irish slaves for MLK to say it was about color.

    1. Everything is okay then, I guess.

    2. It's not that everything's okay, it's the insistence that the worst slavery took place in the US and it affected blacks only and that in an era where nobody alive now was legally a slave in the US, reparations should be paid by people who weren't slaveholders.

      Arabs sold surplus men. The women and children they enslaved have no descendants as the culture they were enslaved by doesn't valu human life.

      There's no outcry about slavery that continues in China, the Middle East and Africa. A little African girl was trafficked to the US and enslaved by a wealthy couple. She was beaten and starved, deprived of schooling and only escaped at 21. But at age 5 she was punished by being forced to sleep in a public park.Nobody caught on and the poor girl was a slave for 16 years. This isn't a result of American culture but African culture.

      We have paid millions in welfare to people who feel entitled, who mock those wanting to get ahead. This isn't American culture at large, just the handout wanting subset.

      It isn't okay for people on government handouts to be given more than they would earn at minimum wage jobs, along with housing, food, phone and utility subsidies. In many states, those on welfare gave a higher discretionary income than a family of 4, paying bills itself.

    3. Well said Nan.

  2. If you want an eye opening experience read King Leopold's Ghost. The slave trade was a nasty business. Yes tribal chiefs sold their own people for a few trinkets. The Europeans cloaked their ravaging of Africa in Christian missionary clothes. Slaves and slarary have been practiced by most societies since time memorial. The Hebrews were slaves to the Egyptians. No surprise here.


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