Monday, June 18, 2018

Men kissing men.

Man In the Orange Shirt...

I watched the film on PBS last night.  I had some difficulty following it because I was doing something else while it was on.  I looked away at the sex scenes because they were soft porn.  I hate that.  But at least it shows that gay sex is not just kissing and hugging and ... it is what it is.

This isn't about the film however.  Oh - I didn't like the film, BTW.  Gay films are all over television on the re-run channels this month, because it's Pride month.  They are fairly superficial comedic-love-stories with sad parts - but wholesome gay stories.  Men kissing looks normal within that context.


I have noticed over the past few years that men kissing and playing around with man-crush jokes is very common on television and in film.  What's up with that?  When I was little and one of my abusers tried to kiss me I pushed him away and said, 'Boys don't kiss!'  If I had been exposed to what kids are exposed to today, I probably wouldn't have said that.

Obviously I don't get out much, but it seems to me that this whole men-kissing stuff is an attempt to normalize sexual fluidity between same sex friends.

We claim to be a country concerned about the protection of children, and look at what we show them, look what we do to them.

Man In the Orange Shirt
soft porn scene.


  1. So this is all about conditioning. Where such scenes would once have repulsed me, after seeing it so many times it does not have the same impact. Still in real life I think it would. What we have is the glorification of sex, desire and lust. Every single culture that went down this Road self destructs. Maybe not because of the act persay but the underlining selfishness that seems to promote it.

  2. It's idol worship, plain and simple. Who's your daddy?


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