Friday, June 01, 2018

God made you that way.

Created in the image and likeness of God.

Of course the Holy Father knows and teaches that. 

“The Devil is behind every persecution, both of Christians and all human beings. The Devil tries to destroy the presence of Christ in Christians, and the image of God in men and women. He tried doing this from the very beginning, as we read in the Book of Genesis: he tried to destroy that harmony that the Lord created between man and woman, the harmony that comes from being made in the image and likeness of God. And he succeeded. He managed to do it by using deception, seduction…the weapons he uses. He always does this. But there is a powerful ruthlessness against men and women today: otherwise how to explain this growing wave of destruction towards men and women, and all that is human”.
We must not be ingenuous. In the world today, all humans, and not only Christians are being persecuted, because the Father of all persecutions cannot bare that they are the image and likeness of God. So he attacks and destroys that image. It isn’t easy to understand this. We have to pray a lot if we want to understand it”. - Vatican Radio
Pastoral care.

I was blessed to experience the pastoral care of patients in hospital, administered by priests and deacons this past week.  Of all the ministries in the Church, this is one which most clearly demonstrates the Holy Father's image of the Church as 'field hospital' and going out to the peripheries.  Every time a Eucharistic minister or EMC carries the Blessed Sacrament through the halls, in a very unique manner, Christ is passing by ... some are able to touch the hem of his garment, others can ask to be brought to him - in the most stealthy manner - like the paraplegic lowered through the roof tiles.  Sometimes loved ones ask him to visit those who may think they are not worthy to ask for him.   Others he blesses with his gaze, his touch, his presence - imperceptible to the senses.  There are so many ways God comes to us, oftentimes unexpectedly.

I intend to pray for priests, deacons, religious and laity who minister to the sick, the dying, the imprisoned and the fallen.  I also think we need to pray for the sick and dying and elderly daily - and those who care for them.  Hospital workers are extraordinary people - from care-givers, to housekeeping, to dietary staff.  Though they are close to God in their mission, I think they too very much need our prayers.  Every day must be a challenge, no matter how much they love their job.  A priest once told me the devil tries to disrupt hospitals and hospice especially, in order to destroy the good being done, and drag souls away from God.  It makes sense. 

That said, none of us know the day or the hour.  Even the good - not just 'sinners' - need prayer and the sacraments to accompany them in their last days and moments.  "God can do infinitly more than we can ask or imagine."

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  1. May you always live under the Lord's loving tenderness. God bless you dear Terry!


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