Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Libelous: constituting or including a libel : defamatory a libelous statement

Fr. Z, like the Pope, doesn't need me to defend him.

But ... I just want to comment on his post: Wherein Fr. Z responds to a libelous cheap-shot from @MichaelSWinters

Winters appear to be trying to defame Fr. Z as being homophobic, and as all gay-political slurs against clergy go, it sounds like there is a subliminal suggestion that the Fr. may have other issues when he says:   “I half-expect Zuhlsdorf to start 'praying away the gay' any day now.”   That's a cheap shot of 'double-speak'.  It is used by many to defame or discredit Catholics and others who do not accept the political narrative about homosexuality, which is vehemently opposed to Catholic teaching.  It works both ways of course when traditionalists insist Fr. Martin, SJ has to be gay because he supports changing Catholic teaching to the extent gay couples can be affirmed, which implies changing Catholic teaching that homosexual acts can in no way ever be approved.  Any properly catechized Catholic knows that Catholic teaching on marriage and sexual morality cannot change.

That said - there is nothing gay about Fr. Z., nor is there anything homophobic about him.  Go to confession to him.  I did years ago, shortly after he was ordained.  He wouldn't remember me, but I was in the 'thick of it' and had serious falls into sin - he was one of the most remarkable and memorable confessors I ever encountered.

Though I sometimes get pissed at his style now days, or disagree with him on this or that - usually because he sometimes takes a rather imperious tone when criticizing others, there's nothing wrong with him.  He's a solid, faithful priest.  Like Pope Francis, he is a son of the Church.  If something was truly wrong with him he wouldn't remain in ministry, much less have a website.

Readers may think I'm schizoid about certain conservative, traditionalist Catholics online, sometimes 'liking' them as a person, at other times reacting negatively to what they write or say.  I refuse to hold grudges and try to avoid 'shunning' - in the Quaker sense of the term - those who write or say something we may disagree with.  Fr. Z is no Michael Matt or Christopher Ferrara, and to be sure he is not a Skojec, Voris, or Barnhardt-style sensationalist.  Not. At. All.

Though he leaves himself wide open for criticism, his travelogue and cooking posts, along with social commentary is really very fun to read.

So anyway.  He's a good man, a very good priest.  Believe it or not, I actually think he's more 'liberal' than he appears, and to be sure, his beloved mentor, the late Mons. Richard Schuler would be considered a liberal by most rad-trads today.  Mons. Schuler implemented the 'Novus Ordo' exactly as it was supposed to be.  The Ordinary Form was always celebrated at St. Agnes - and that's what Fr. Z did and still does.  Since Summorum Pontificum he also enthusiastically offers the Extraordinary Form.

Pray for priests - especially for Fr. Z.

BTW: My label for this post is 'humbly proud to be homophobic'.  I'm not sure fearing or despising mortal sin is a bad thing.