Monday, May 07, 2018

This never gets old for me...

I love Melvin's response to this woman. It's a response which works for so many religious people who are overly concerned about the personal lives of others.


  1. Gonna have to go and watch Jack again and that cute witto doggie who stole his heart.

    As far as those "types"go, I used to be like that Terry. I remember believing that I had all the answers to everyone else's sins.

    I was miserable to say the least but the Holy Spirit in his infinite love and mercy reached down, stood me up, dusted me off, gently set me right.

    I'm still learning though 'cause as of yet, I still struggle to remove the plank from my own eye.

  2. I still struggle as well - obviously. I always regret having engaged in these discussions. Now I read that another Dutch Cardinal feels P. Francis may be part of the great deception the Catechism warns about for the end times. I think I have to delete more Facebook Friends so I do not automatically get these crazy news stories.

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  4. "I read that another Dutch Cardinal feels P. Francis may be part of the great deception the Catechism warns about for the end times"


    Glad I don't have to accept what "he feels" about our Holy Father nor anyone else's "feels" for that matter who is non-stop negative towards Pope Francis.

    I found an interesting piece that I will read very carefully ... passing it along. I hope you post the cartoon attached to it as it is too sweet. ^^)

  5. ???? Hi Terry,

    Why do you get your Church news from Facebook?

    The Dutch Cardinal, by the way, is one of the very few prelates left in that country who still seems to be a Christian/Catholic who hasn't sold out completely to a kind of belief that has lost the Christian plot, as it were: whether Catholic or protestant, the Dutch at present are mostly post-modern humanists or AGNOSTICS OR FASHIONABLE atheists. They use the term "spiritual" for themselves beause they still love Bach's music in the same way they "LUV" Ghandi and Deepak Chopra. I have so many friends in that country. Nice people. They think Pope Francis is not a real Christian, he is just an icon of their vapid vague, humanist ideal of no real truth anywhere, but we're all "spiritual". They love him because they are convinced he is one of their kind and will succeed in pulling down the Catholic Church. When that happens, they believe vaguely, peace will reign on earth and everyone will be able to do exactly as he/she/it pleases and everyone will "luv" one another. A perfect - Christless- utopia will be Pope Francis' legacy.(In their minds.)
    I am so sorry to disillusion you, dear Terry. But millions and millions of non-Catholics and agnostics and atheists on this planet adore Pope Francis for the above reasons.

    We are truly living in a wobbly world or, rather, even more wobbly and drifting than in the last centuries of the old Roman Empire ( as one example)?

    You write "people" are non-stop negative about the Holy Father: ???? I only see most people, unbelievers, loving him, Terry. For the above-mentioned reasons.
    Let's face it. Pope Francis is very nearly adored by most non-Christians and Protestants. Like you, they just love him.

    Nothing to worry about.

    1. I don't get my news from FB - I just see items which pop up on my wall with what commentary scandal mongers, gossips and conspiracy theorists have to say about it and how they use it to malign Pope Francis and the Magisterium. They seem to believe Pearl-clutchers such as Cardinal Burke and those in communion with him are the true authority in the Church. As for the real Protestants and secular humanists you seem to understand so well, I'm quite sure they are not interested in having a pope reign over them, so why would I be bothered with them in the first place? Fortunately, you do not have the power to disillusion me. I do not even know you. Nothing to worry about indeed.


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