Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"You are a teacher of Israel and you do not understand this?" - Today's Gospel

The Serpent Lifted Up
People come bringing their defilement (stains) into the churches, 
and this is very good. 
But it would be even more in conformity to the spirit of Christianity if, 
more than that, 
Christ went bearing his presence into the places 
most defiled with shame, misery, crime, and affliction. 

"The wind blows where it will..." - John 3:7b-15

I would avoid the usual voices in Catholic media (Catholic World Report, 1P5, LifeSite, Church Militant, and most Catholic bloggers - even reputable Catholic academics) - they look for errors and have their minds made up as to what the Holy Father says or does and what he 'really' means. They think he speaks in code and they attribute all sorts negative meanings to every allocution and every exhortation.  CWR Carl Olson suggests the Pope is taking swipes at the likes of Cardinal Sarah when he speaks about how we (laity and active priests and religious especially) "are called to be contemplatives even in the midst of action."  This is something S. Catherine of Siena and S. Teresa of Calcutta would have understood immediately!

These critics seem unable to step out of their 'paradigm' - aka 'bias' against Pope Francis. Let them stop their ears and tear their garments all they want - don't be angry or let them unsettle your peace.  Do not let their propaganda against the Pope discourage you.

Instead, keep your hearts open and your souls burning brightly, ever grateful for the light that is pouring into the Church. Pray very much for the Holy Father ... and 'rejoice and be glad'!


  1. It is so uncanny the way I often find my mind expressed in your thoughts in these posts! I was about to email you about Carl Olson/CWR And my email could’ve almost read exactly as your post! When am I going to learn to put Olson/CWR Into the same e–trash category for the “right“ as I do National Catholic Reporter for the “left“?

    1. Wow - I'm glad we think alike on this stuff. Sometimes I feel way out on a limb - I can't believe what these people write at times.

  2. "Instead, keep your hearts open and your souls burning brightly, ever grateful for the light that is pouring into the Church. Pray very much for the Holy Father ... and 'rejoice and be glad'!"

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

    When Papa always walks with the Theotokos, why should I allow the naysayers to darken that wondrous truth? She will only lead him all the more closer to her Son!

    That's the example I want ... not one of tedious, ruminating negativity.

    I read this and found light breaking through darkness ... lift up your hearts!

    by JD Flynn

  3. Well said, Terry. Isn't this what the Fatima children were asked to do - to pray for the Holy Father?

    Even if we do not understand why Pope Francis says what he does sometimes, it is *not* an option to criticize and harbor ill will. He may be the Pope, but he is also our brother in the Faith. It is our duty as Catholics to pray for him, whether we like him or not. And to show him dignity and respect.

    God bless and protect all here - Susan, OFS

    1. I really do blame independent Catholic media for much of the misunderstandings - I have no problem with the Holy Father when I read official texts or accurate reports of what he has said. I never take seriously things 'this person said the pope told him this'. Or 'those close to the pope said he wants to do this or that'. Those close to the pope could be the wait staff at S. Marta or some guy who works for Vatican Radio.

      Keep praying for the Pope - Our Lady never said anything bad about the popes, but simply to pray for him.

  4. I am reminded of Thomas Merton. He wrote a book, "contemplation in a World of Action." I think we need to face the fact that social media all but guarantees that we will be forever inundated with falsehoods and half truths. Prayer and reflection are the only defense I see.


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